Monday, 29 October 2012


When the two greats in my life collide I am in utter bliss. Yes, I mean fashion and film. When I heard years ago that they were going to make a movie biopic of Edie Sedgwick's life I was so excited - I admire her. If you have read the massive book biography of her short life, then you will probably fall in love with her like I did. She was beautiful yet damaged, like so many of the greats are. For me her stand out points were her style and fashion sense, she created a look that has become synonymous with the sixties Pop Art heyday. The big earrings, short haircut, smokey eyes and tight, full length long-sleeved jersey dresses looked perfection on her androgynous frame. I can imagine her now dashing from 'The Factory' to 'The Chelsea Hotel' for a quick rendezvous with lover Bob Dylan, wearing only a stripe t shirt and pair of leggings (a girl after my own heart there) and carrying a leopard print clutch bag full of skinny cigarettes. 

So, when the movie came out I was so pleasantly surprised at how well Miss Sienna Miller acted the role. She looked just like her and even had Edie's voice down to a tee - it really was an award-winning performance. It must of been one of the greatest jobs ever to have worked on the wardrobe department for 'Factory Girl' as each and every cast member are decked out in some of the best clothing items I've ever seen. It didn't look too forced or contrived and you can bet your bottom dollar that A LOT of fashion editors took notice at the time and cashed in on that era of style. 

(images via whatevereveramen and pinterest)


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