Sunday, 30 December 2012


There is one woman in Hollywood who has officially taken the crown for "Best Nude" image (and no it's not Paris or Kim or any other sex-tape fiend!) and that woman is Kate Bosworth. Being happy to leave the overly made-up, skimpy outfits to some of her peers, Kate has fast become an icon for the more traditional, girly yet oh so chic fashion look. I love how she wears her nude colourings - she makes them look so sleek, which can be hard for blonde haired women such as myself - and the elegance and grace in which she can carry them off is second to none. Her outfits are a mixture between conservative and sexy, meaning one would be suitable for 'meeting the boyfriends parents' yet could also be a 'dancing at a club' attire. She also keeps her accessories to a bear minimum and would occasionally spice up her look with some killer red shoes or a gold clutch. Her look is hard to beat and she is defiantly one of my style inspirations. 

(image via JustJared)
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